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CER Series

A CER, Circular Electric Lift, magnet is the least costly but most powerful magnet available. Due to deep penetration of its magnetic field, it is less susceptible to adverse surface conditions than any other self-contained magnet.


CER magnets are ideally suited for in-plant handling of steel plate, flat stock, castings, forgings or machined components in all types of industrial plants, machine shops, fabricating shops, and steel warehouses. Handling of loose parts such as nuts or bolts is also a popular application for the CER-16 and CER-20.


  • Recessed “ON-OFF-RELEASE” switch is protected against accidental operation.
  • Low-carbon steel body for maximum magnetic performance.
  • Built-in solid state rectifier permits operation from 115 volt AC outlet.
  • IR remote 15’ from magnet.

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