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The Posi-Turner® is designed for:

Safety & Ergonomics

  • Provides safer working conditions by positioning the work piece at a distance.
  • Eliminates tipping or dropping work pieces and the shock load to the crane associated with using two cranes to roll over a heavy object.
  • Allows you to stop or start rotations at any point.
  • Makes it easier to position a work piece.
  • Provides ergonomic benefits to employees performing production and assembly work.
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards, including ASME B30.20, ASME BTH-1, AWS D1.1 and ANSI/NFPA 70.


  • Lifts, levels and rotates objects without re-rigging.
  • Improves Production process efficiency, by keeping an assembly line moving.
  • Makes rotation, positioning and precision work easier.
  • Require only one operator for system rotation.
  • Saves production time and labor time.
  • Damage-Free Product Quality
  • Eliminates product slipping and dropping.
  • Transportation – Auto: frames, engines, dies, molds,
    etc. chassis, trailers, tanks, etc. Rail: undercarriages,
    bogeys, cars, wheels, etc. Aircraft-Aerospace: panels,
    tooling, etc. Shipping: container and trailer, etc.
  • Industrial Equipment – machine bases, panels,
    enclosures, engine blocks, weldments and frames.
  • Heavy Equipment – Agricultural, Construction,
    Mining, Military: chassis, axles, assemblies, buckets,
    transmissions, frames and booms, etc.
  • Concrete – Precast Molds: vaults, pipes, basins,
    barriers, construction girders, panels and decks, etc.
  • Marine – decks, hulls, panels and molds, etc.
  • Plastics/Composites – injection molds and fiberglass
    products, etc.
  • Metal Forming – tooling, dies, coils, castings and
    sheets, etc.
  • Materials Production – blocks, slabs, ingots, plates,
    bundles, stone, steel, aluminum, stainless, ceramics,
    copper, graphite, refractory, paper and wood, etc.
  • Specialty Products

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