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Lift Solutions provides cordage for marine, agricultural, trucking, construction, mooring lines, stringing lines, ski tow ropes, towing anchoring and more.  

See the below information on our braided and twisted ropes 


  • Inexpensive
  • Strongest of the vegetable fibers – actually stronger when wet
  • Low stretch – ideal for applications not requiring high strength or great elasticity
  • Absorbs water – swells up to 100% of its weight making handling more difficult
  • Storage – if wet, dry thoroughly to prevent mildew, rot or loss of strength
  • Very poor chemical resistance

Polypropylene produces the lowest cost synthetic rope yet finds its way into some exacting uses. Not recommended for rendering, due to high friction and low melting point. It is the lightest rope, floats, and is available in a variety of colors (Yellow is standard). Leading uses are mooring lines, stringing lines, ski tow ropes, hand lines and pot warps.

  • Tensile strengths – about twice those of Manila ropes
  • Stretch – about double manila for the same diameter but
    better than most other synthetics
  • Absorbs no water – resistant to rot – no loss of strength
    when wet – floats
  • Sensitive to ultraviolet light – darker colors better than
  • Chemical resistance – best all-round resistance of the
    fiber ropes
  • Abraids easily – not recommended for rendering or high
    surface friction applications

Nylon was the first of the synthetic fibers to be used in
rope. It is still a dominant fiber and finds its greatest use in
the marine field. High energy absorption and strength make
nylon ropes superior for: towing, mooring, pennants and

  • Strongest of the conventional ropes
  • Stretch is about 12 times that of manila and double that
    of polyester
  • Nylon is 10-15% weaker when wet than dry – strength
    returns when dry – will not rot
  • Sunlight degrades all synthetic fibers – second only to
    polyester in resistance but better than polypropylene –
    protect from sunlight whenever possible
  • Excellent resistance to alkalis and most solvents –
    resistance to acids only fair, particularly sulphuric,
    hydro-chloric and nitric
  • Good to excellent abrasion resistance when dry – less
    when wet – avoid grit from penetrating into or between
CWC Blue SteelTM

CWC Blue SteelTM is one of the strongest copolymer ropes
in the market. It offers low elongation and twice the wear
life of standard polypropylene. Constructed from high
strength, high tenacity polyolefin yarns, BLUE STEELTM
offers excellent resistance to abrasion, UV light, rot, mildew
and most common chemicals. With a specific gravity of
0.91, this rope floats and will not absorb water. Easy to
handle and splice.

  • 30-40% stronger than standard polypro rope of comparable diameter.
  • Greater UV and abrasion resistance.
  • Available in a variety of pull-ups, 8 braid and 12 strand.
  • Barge Lines
  • Tow Boat Lines
  • Floating Hawsers
  • Containment Lines
  • Fishing Ropes
  • Tie-Up Lines
  • Rope Trawls
  • Cod Ends
  • Rib Lines

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