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Sheet Lifters

Model 60 Sheet Lifter
  • Versatile handling of bundled sheets, plates and other materials stacked horizontally.
  • Low headroom design for optimum lifting capabilities.
  • One-person operation minimizes handling cost. Self-locking worm gear for leg adjustment drive is standard.
  • Easy adjustment for different sheet widths. Rack and pinion leg drive.
  • Designed for ease of maintenance.
  • Designed for greater sheet width range. Complies with
    ASME Standards.


  • Hand wheel lockout. Motorized leg adjustment.
  • Chain wheel leg adjustment.
  • Extended length hand wheel leg adjustment.
  • End chains with plate hooks (recommended for all widths 72” and greater).
  • Extended grabshoe lengths available.
  • Additional bundle clearance available (longer legs).

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