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Top Running

Top running cranes run on top of a fixed track, typically crane rail, placed on top of runway beams. The support structure for the runway beams can be floor supported or incorporated into the building support structure during new building design or the expansion of existing buildings. The advantage to incorporating the crane load into the building design structure is that additional footings will not be required if a crane is installed at a later date. Top running cranes can be single girder or double girder, structural steel or box girders depending on the span and capacity required. Top running double girder cranes offer more hook height since the hoist trolley runs on top of the bridge beams.



Underrunning or underhung cranes typically run on the lower flange of the runway beams. Underrunning cranes can be floor supported or ceiling hung. For floor supported cranes, footings might be required depending on crane capacity and span. A major advantage to underrunning cranes is that they can be supported by ceiling structures if crane loads are considered during new building design or the expansion of existing buildings. In some cases, existing ceiling structures can be properly reinforced to allow for the installation of underrunning cranes. 



Workstation Cranes are lighter capacity, pre-designed crane systems that can be mounted from the ceiling or free-standing.  They can be built up to 2 ton capacity and the trolleys operate on an enclosed track system.


Custom Lifting

From initial concept to completed installation, our engineering staff can provide innovative solutions for your special material handling needs.  Visit this link for more information.

Our custom designs have included self-propelled and programmable roll carts, adjustable force electromagnets, and automotive frame lifters. Contact us with your special application requirements.


  • Lifting beams
  • Spreader beams
  • Free standing workstations
  • Specialized Roll Racks
  • Motorized Gantry Cranes
  • Adjustable Hooks

Patent Track Cranes & Monorails 

Transform your industrial operations with our advanced patent track cranes and monorails, engineered for superior durability and efficient material handling. Our patent track cranes, with their robust T-section design, excel in heavy-duty applications, offering unparalleled longevity and resistance to wear, ideal for industries like automotive and steel manufacturing. For streamlined and space-efficient material transport, our monorails provide a practical solution, easily integrated into production lines and maintenance areas. Both systems are designed for maximum load handling efficiency and safety, making them essential for businesses looking to optimize workflow and enhance operational capacity in various industrial settings.


Turnkey Installations

Lift Solutions Companies offer a full service overhead lifting solution for you, including design, manufacturing, testing and installations. Our team of experienced installation technicians and electricians can travel to anywhere in the US, Canada or Mexico and will provide a fully installed and commissioned crane which meets your exact lifting requirement. We will provide you a project timeline from start to finish and make it easy to discuss your expectations to make sure all of your project requirements are met. Our install teams are always friendly, efficient and focus on a safety first focus.


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