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Permanent Magnets

Lift Magnets - Permanent - Neo Series

The NEO Series Material Lifting Magnets are used in Steel Supply, Machine, and Die shops where heavy steel objects are moved
rapidly and safely.
NEO magnets feature High Lift Capacity, Ease of Operation, and
Ease of Movement due to low weight. Permanent magnets allow for No Power Consumption. Yet the NEO magnet have handles that lock in “ON & OFF” positions to prevent unintentional operation.
These magnets meet all the requirements of ANSI/ASME B30.20 (Safety Standard) and are supplied with an operating manual, pull test certificate, a video, and safety posters.

NEO-HV Series

NEO-HV Series permanent lifting magnets are designed to lift loads from the horizontal position into the vertical positions quickly and efficiently. NEO-HV material lift magnets handle loading of flat, ferrous metal work-pieces onto a machine center or lathes with horizontal spindles. They can also be used to load material into vertical racks for storage.
Turn your standard NEO magnet into an HV unit by adding a lift arm.


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